rOpenSci hackathon

March 31 - April 1, 2014. San Francisco

About the event

rOpenSci will be hosting its first major developer meeting and open science hackathon in San Francisco in March, 2014. We'll be spending two days at GitHub's HQ hacking away on various projects related to R, open data, data visualization and more.

If you're really keen on participating remotely first check out the projects + issues and then drop an email to remote-hacker at ropensci dot org. Follow live updates on the event at the #ropenhack hashtag

List of projects from the hackathon

* R pkg for testing datasets (Karthik, Hilary Parker, Aylssa Frazee, Anya Bida, Dave Harris, Winston Chang)
* New: R pkg for generic conversions to geoJSON (widely used in specifying data for maps online)
* New: R pkg for determining dependencies to make research more reproducible (Gavin Simpson)
* R pkg to interact with git (libgit2 C library) from R (Stefan Widgren, et al.)
* An API status dashboard for rOpenSci APIs (Jay Mollica)
* A Ruby tool to search for citations to R packages (Jure Triglav)
* A reproducibility guide (Ciera Martinez, Ben Marwick, Ed Szocs, Jeff Hollister, Juan Batiz-Benet)
* New: R pkg for Wikipedia (Oliver Keyes)
* Work on native R kernel for iPython Notebook (Thomas Kluyver)
* An rOpenSci cookbook (w/ work on new knitr plugin for Jekyll) (Martin Fenner, Gavin Simpson, Carl Boettiger)
* Text mining use case for eLife open access text (Carson Sievert)
* Continued work on rMaps (Ramnath Vaidyanathan, Ian A. Muñoz, Ted Hart, Amelia McNamara, ...)
* Hadley Wickham started work on a best practices vignette for working with APIs in R packages
* New: R pkg to interact with public health APIs (Erin LeDelle, Gabrielle de Queiroz)

rOpenSci hackathon outtakes from Karthik Ram on Vimeo.


This event is made possible by generous support from The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, GitHub, and F1000 research.